[INTERVIEWS] POUZZASANA: Pouzza Fest & yoga with Dallas McCulloch of Vegan Yoga Punk

PouzzasanaSo, it is Pouzza Fest again and you probably know that the festival attracts more and more people from all over the place. That is why we decided to leave this interview in english, to give a little information to our anglophones friends who will come have fun with us this week end.

One new feature that really interest us this year are the yoga classes that will be held on saturday and sunday by three punk rock yogis. We decide to ask a couple of questions to Dallas McCulloch from Vegan Yoga Punk regarding the event. See you there!

For more informations, don’t hesitate to go on the facebook event page.

Hello Dallas! Firstly, can you tell everyone about your musical path and your background as a yoga teacher?

I’ve spent most of my adult life on tour with punk and ska bands and had played in some before that.  I’ve currently tour manage The Penske File who are a Stomp Records band from Burlington, ON.  I have also done merch for The Flatliners, Planet Smashers, Peacocks, Mustard Plug, The Beatdown, Saint Alvia Cartel, etc.

What is the link between a punk festival and yoga?

I think at a certain point punks get older and realize they need to counter all of the damage we’ve done to our bodies from eating shit, partying too hard, and living a hard life.  The ideas of yoga are in line with the same ethical ideology, but positive and good for you.

Where did the idea of adding two yoga sessions to the Pouzza Fest comes from?

The idea came from Miguel from Teenage Bottlerocket and I talking on facebook, we met years ago when I was touring with the Flatliners and we were on a tour with TBR and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, eventually we both went to yoga teacher training.  We were talking about Pouzza and said something about how we should do some yoga together, I tagged Hugo Maudie in a post and said half jokingly « Can we teach punk rock yoga? », It turned out Hugo is a big fan of yoga and he made it an official event, and added Lily from Oh my Snare on too, since she’s also a yoga teacher.

Is it something accessible for anyone who would like to give it a try?

Yoga is open to anyone, I figure 90% of people will be hung over so I’ll take it easy on them.

What type of breakfast would you suggest before the sessions for those who will wake up hungover?

Generally people eat a light breakfast if any before yoga, I’m a longtime vegan who believes in the idea of « Ahimsa » (aka, nonviolence) so I advocate a vegan diet, so some fruit or a smoothie may work well.

Can you confirm that short shorts and sleeveless jeans jackets will not be recommended during the sessions?

I do yoga in soccer shorts and a sleeveless band shirt (if I’m wearing a shirt), but you can wear whatever. Be comfortable, and if that means jean jackets then it’s all on you.

Namaste, mother fuckers.